Get your rights as a father

Society often thinks that men do not have the vocation to be fathers. The truth is that every year thousands of men fight to gain custody of their children or at least their parental rights. The phrase “legal DNA testing near me” is Googled more often by men than by women because the law in many countries does not benefit men dealing with child custody. These men are the ones who want to participate in every stage of their children’s lives, from pregnancy to adulthood. They are willing to take a home gender test to hold a gender reveal party, to help care for their children during their first months of life, and are even willing to accompany their children to school and college. It is not easy for a man to obtain these rights when the mother objects, so he has to resort to a legal process.

Advantages of a legal suit

Obtaining your rights as a father can be complicated if you do not reach agreements with your child’s mother. Legal proceedings are often expensive, lengthy, and exhausting, but once a judge grants you your parental rights, it will be worth all the effort. Why is it better to be granted parental rights by a judge? When a judge issues a verdict, it sets a legal precedent that will be with you forever. There are cases where police arrest the father because the mother has reported that he has abducted her child. A legal verdict will prove that you have a legal right to be with your child. A judge’s decision will protect you from future conflicts if you do things the right way. Problems such as drinking, smoking, gambling, and so forth could cause you to lose parental rights.

What does a judge consider when rendering a verdict?

As a man, you should understand that the law prioritizes the mother’s rights over the father’s, as the law perceives the mother to have a better attitude toward taking care of the children. To obtain your rights as a father, the judge will first evaluate if you have a place to live, better if it’s your own. If you stay in a rented home, the judge will also ask for a summary of your finances. The idea is to determine if you earn enough money to pay the rent and meet your obligations as a parent. The judge will also investigate if you have any problems or criminal records. Problems such as alcohol, drugs, and gambling will immediately nullify any possibility of having custody of your child.